Mandy Altimus Stahl is available to deliver hour-long lectures, detailing an overview of World War II, and sharing the extraordinary story of John Mohn’s Forced March. Copies of the book Forced March from the Bulge to Berchtesgaden will be available for purchase after the lecture. They are $22.95 plus tax, payable by cash, check, or credit card.


If you would like to arrange a lecture for your group or event, please contact her via email or by phone at 330-704-7631.

  • Lectures are 60 minutes long (can be adapted to shorter times)
  • Speaker’s fee is a suggested donation of $75. Non-profit rates are negotiable.
  • Needs: laptop and projector, screen, 2 tables for artifacts display.
    Speaker can provide laptop and projector if needed.
  • Request that books be sold by speaker after the lecture.

About the Lecture:

Mandy Altimus Stahl discusses the roots of World War II, stemming from unresolved issues of World War I. She traces Hitler’s rise to power and the start of the second world war. Stahl elaborates on America’s isolationism and eventual entrance to the war, and shares the story of how John Mohn enlisted in the Army. Paired with the timeline of WWII, the story of John Mohn’s capture at the Battle of the Bulge and his subsequent 140 days as a prisoner of war is traced throughout three countries. Excerpts from Mohn’s memoir, maps of his march, and photographs are used to illustrate this amazing story of survival.

About Mandy Altimus Stahl:

MandyLecture2Mandy Altimus Stahl graduated from Kent State University with a BA in history, summa cum laude with honors. She works as the Archivist at the Massillon Museum. Stahl oversees the care and access to the photographs, rare books, documents, and institutional items in the archives, as well as handling research requests in the Velma B. Erwin Research Room. Stahl has produced works for the Museum such as Massillon in the Great War: Voices from the Archives (2017), The Legacy of Steel (2004), Seafaring Forefathers (2005), The Greatest Generation (2008), and Faces of Rural America (2011). She has presented several times at Ohio Local History Alliance conferences on digitization, internship programs, and social media. Since 2012, she has traveled across Ohio to deliver her lecture on the sinking of the Titanic more than 55 times. Stahl serves on the Massillon Historic Preservation Commission and the Charity Rotch School of Kendal Foundation Board. She is proud to be presenting her grandfather’s amazing story.

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